Wage Equality Matters When It Comes to Homeownership

One of the reasons behind Saturday’s historic Womxn’s March is wage equality. Equal pay for equal work has escaped the female workers in the United States since before the 19th Amendment. Not only does it translate to lower wages and less opportunity it also undermines homeownership. Today, while single women exceed the number of unmarried men when it comes to owning a home, the value and appreciation of male owned homes fares better. And there remains a lot of evidence showing how it is more difficult for women to get a mortgage even though they prove to be better borrowers. Fair wage practices may not only be good for the gentler sex it may also be good for the housing market.

Homeownership By Gender

Preparing Your Home To Sell Is Not What You Think It Is

Often I am asked “What do I need to do to my house before I list?”  And you might be surprised that my response is often, “Not much.” By the time you’re listing your home it’s almost too late to make any improvements that are worth the money. Generally I focus on the things that need attention and repair long before thinking about any renovations. So if you’re screens need repair or the roof is near its life span by all means spend away. But kitchen and bathroom remodels won’t give you the return you might expect. Here’s are six projects (and there are likely others) you may want to avoid.

6 Worst Fixes for the Money

The Big Reveal or Maybe Not

You might imagine that I often work with buyers whose preconceived notions of home buying are not exactly in tune with real life experiences. Shows like House Hunters, Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper only provide the bare essence of any process when it comes to purchase negotiations, renovation timelines and even home selection. Wrap that with the low housing inventory in the Seattle real estate market and you quickly see that the TV version pales in comparison to actual circumstances. This article reveals some of the fantastical elements of the entertainment industry’s take on the American dream.

The Reality of Reality TV for Home Buyers

Remodel with an Eye on ROI

ROI or Return on Investment is one thing to keep in mind when deciding what and how to do a home improvement project. Who would believe insulating your attic would give a better return than a kitchen remodel but it’s true. Meanwhile a new deck in New England may not be as highly valued as one in the Pacific NW. And this is all before we even consider materials, design and décor. How’s a person to decide. Certainly keeping an eye on trends can help to be ahead of the curve. Because what you do today you might sell tomorrow and you don’t want to have your work go to waste. So take a look at this brief summary of typical home improvement you may be considering and keep in mind less can be more.

Trends in Remodeling

Do You have the Right Home Insurance?

One step of buying a house or condo means selecting a home insurance provider. And while most standard policies are similar there’s a good chance it lacks protection against specific events. Whether you need an additional policy or endorsement depends on where you live and what you own. Some you probably know about like flood and earthquake insurance but others may come as a complete surprise. Here’s a short list of possible policy gaps provided by Bankrate. Maybe when you’re done reading you should contact your insurance broker and find out if there’s anything you’re missing.

Home Insurance You may be Missing


Seattle Living

Seattle has many choices when it comes to homes and condos. And there’s a good chance a water or mountain view comes with it. With snow-capped peaks of the Cascades and the Olympics you can plan plenty of alpine adventures. Puget Sound exudes a salt-air feel while Lake Washington and Lake Union are popular for fresh water activities. The city skyline complete with its iconic Space Needle and Great Wheel sparkles day and night. Dining and entertainment options are endless. The public school systems are well-respected and our parks and playgrounds are plentiful. Seattle has the purest municipal drinking water in the entire US. This Pacific Northwest metropolitan gem ranks high on most surveys for quality of life and economic opportunities. And if you’re a pet lover, Seattle has the highest number of dogs and cats per capita in the US. So whether you’re hip and happening or maybe your hip needs relief you are bound to find the right place to fit your lifestyle.